Weather Observations

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Meteorological  centre Bhopal is  operative since  1976 with the objective   to take observations at surface  and upper atmosphere and transmit to RMC Nagpur/RTH New Delhi for analysis and forecasting purposes. Meteorological parameters  such  as  Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Wind direction and speed  (at surface level) etc. are  taken with help of conventional Meteorological instruments where as Pressure, Temperature,  Humidity of upper atmosphere are  taken with the help of Radiosonde attached with  Hydrogen filled balloon. Earlier the balloon were tracked with  the help of METOX up to 1984, for  finding  upper wind speed and direction . After 1984 X band  multimet  radars (dual purpose) were installed to track the balloon for wind finding and  detection of Thunderstorm activities. Under the modernization  programme of IMD  automatic  weather stations (AWS) were installed  in 2009. AWS measures surface meteorological  parameters hourly. AWS data is uplinked to INSAT Satellite and  is received by Earth station at  IMD New Delhi. AWS hourly observations are available at the IMD website The daily temperature, rainfall and agromet advisory is upload on M.C. Bhopal website: The Agromet advisory bulletins  are issued  twice weekly for farmers and agriculture. GNSS, DWR and GPS radiosonde has newly stablished in 2014.