Positional Astronomy

The Positional Astronomy Centre is the nodal office of the Govt. of India who has got the responsibility to prepare the data on positional astronomy for scientific purposes and national calendar for civic and religious purposes. All data are prepared using latest astronomical formulae as per norm of International Astronomical Union (IAU).

The following specific data are computed and supplied:
  • Lunar phenomena for prediction of tides for Survey of India.
  • Solar data for orienting large civil constructions projects, for laying electric transmission lines and for large public meetings.
  • Position of the Sun for aligning antennas and radars for railways, communication, Air Force and for the atmospheric observations during expeditions (Antarctica).
  • Pole star data for aligning radio transmitters for AIR. Times for rising, setting of the Sun & Moon and Moon's phases for defence, judiciary, crime detection agencies and scientific researchers.
  • Local circumstances of eclipses for a large number of researchers/amateur astronomers.
  • Advance intimation on dates of festivals for Govt. holiday declaration, tourist promotion abroad and for use of Panchang Makers.